Hello to an electric future!

Mercedes EQV
All electric Mercedes EQV

The arrival of our first EV!

Cotswold Chauffeur Services now offers electric vehicle bookings. Way back in 2020 I attended a workshop given by Eoin from Go Climate Positive. I knew then that I wanted my business to follow a sustainable path. It started with an audit of our carbon footprint and later that year we became a ‘Carbon Neutral’ company.

Can a transport company be carbon neutral?

Auditing the business and its processes enabled us to calculate the carbon footprint. The carbon footprint is measured in tonnes.  Offsetting is where a company pays to invest in a project anywhere around the world that reduces or stores carbon. Cotswold Chauffeur Services is audited yearly to calculate the carbon footprint. We pay to offset our carbon footprint by investing in one of these projects. You can view our certificate here.

Shouldnt you stop using polluting cars?


And we are. Our goal is to continuously reduce our carbon footprint.  Since 2020 we have sold two diesel emitting cars and I’m delighted to say we are investing in electric vehicles. We’ve reached a milestone this month. We have taken delivery of our first electric vehicle, a Mercedes EQV. Room for up to six passengers and plenty of luggage, it has already begun to provide tours around the Cotswolds, and transfers to Bath and London, all in the typical luxury and comfort you would expect from us.

If you’re looking for sustainable, carbon neutral, luxury, business and leisure travel, get in touch!


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